Part 5 - Equanimity - A Heart That is Ready for Anything

2014-03-12 - Part 5 - Equanimity - A Heart that is Ready for Anything - Equanimity is the quality of presence that is open, balanced and non-reactive. As this talk explores, when equanimity is lacking, we become easily lost in trance, identified as a defended and controlling egoic self. When present, the solidity and constriction of egoic self dissolves, and our heart is free to respond to life with love, compassion, forgiveness and joy.

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Part 4: Opening to Joy

2014-03-05 - Part 4 - Opening to Joy - Our innate capacity for joy is blocked by our habitual ways of paying attention. This talk explores three key pathways of presence that connect us with our full openness and aliveness.

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Part 3: A Forgiving Heart

2014-02-26 - Part 3 - A Forgiving Heart - Anger is an intelligent emotion, a natural part of our evolutionary design that lets us know when we are endangered or impeded in our progress. But when it locks into ongoing resentment and blame, our heart becomes armored and we lose access to a wholeness of being. This talk explores forgiving as a process of relaxing our armoring and awakening a healing compassion for ourselves and others.

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Part 2: Heart of Compassion

2014-02-19 - Part 2: Heart of Compassion - Most of us consciously value compassion, but move through much of life without access to the full capacity of our heart. This talk explores the self-compassion that is the very grounds of loving our world.

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2013-10-07 - Mindfulness in Schools- Enabling Children to Realize their Full Potential - Congressman (OH) Tim Ryan speaks at Walt Whitman HS, Bethesda, MD.

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2013-10-07 - Mindfulness-In-Schools-TaraBrach.mp3

2013-10-07 - Mindfulness in Schools- Enabling Children to Realize their Full Potential - This talk explores stress-related emotional suffering and how mindfulness and compassion practices can serve our children’s natural intelligence, creativity and openheartedness. Trainings in presence are the hope for this next generation, and the healing of our world. Talk given at Walt Whitman HS, Bethesda, MD.

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2014-02-05 - Part 1: Universal Faces of Love

2014-02-05 - Part 1: Universal Faces of Love - Lovingkindness, or metta, is the first of the four divine abodes in buddhist teachings. This talk explores the habitual patterns of fears and wants that obscure this innate quality of heart and key ways that we awaken ourselves to its luminous presence.

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Listening to the Song

2014-01-22 - Listening to the Song - Listening with our full heart and attention is the gateway to understanding and love. This talk explores the challenges to deep listening, and offers ways of paying attention that awaken a healing listening presence.

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Path of True Refuge

2014-01-08 - Path of True Refuge - This talk explores the three archetypal gateways to liberation - awareness (Buddha), truth (Dharma) and love (Sangha). It includes guided reflections and a refuge ceremony that can help us discover the path “inside out” through daily life.

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Part 2: The Sure Heart's Release

2011-02-16 - Part 2 - The Sure Heart's Release - Our longing is to realize and embody loving presence, yet we each have deeply conditioned habits that bind our hearts. This talk reflects on these habits, and explores how we can free ourselves by bringing a mindful, compassionate attention to places where we are most trapped in feeling separate, fearful and unworthy.

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