2012-11-28 - Guided Meditation - A Forgiving Heart - Forgiveness is the letting go of armor we have erected around our heart. While forgiving is a life-long process, it can be engaged and deepened by practices such as the one offered here. The best attitude in approaching this meditation is one of gentleness and clear intention. Reflect on what matters to you, and then let go of any judgments or expectations as to how the meditation "should" unfold. Blessings! Please support this podcast by donating at www.tarabrach.com or www.imcw.org. Your donations allow us to continue to freely offer the teachings!

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(from Retreat) Introduction to the Heart Practices

2012-04-28 - Introduction to the Heart Practices - These instructions on the heart practices were given at the IMCW 2012 Spring Retreat. A guided lovingkindness or "metta" meditation to open the heart and come home to presence follows. Please support this podcast by donating at www.tarabrach.com or www.imcw.org. Your donations make a difference!

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2010-11-17 - This guided meditation was given as a prelude to the November 17th talk on "A Listening Presence." Find more of Tara's guided meditations on www.tarabrach.com. Sign up for her new email list there, too.

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2010-08-18 - Metta - Lovingkindness - This talk explores what gets in the way of loving presence and the training that awakens and frees our hearts. Please donate at www.tarabrach.com or www.imcw.org. Thank you!

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