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Meditation, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Awakening
~ Tara Brach

Feb 20, 2016

The Power of Inquiry in Spiritual Awakening - Part 2 (2016-02-17) - In spiritual life, inquiry arises from our deep yearning to understand reality, and it involves bringing an interested, engaged attention to our immediate experience.  These two talks explore how inquiry serves emotional healing by focusing on difficult “stuck” places, how inquiry enables us to become more intimate and understanding of others, and in the deepest way, how inquiry can reveal the deepest truth of what we are…our true nature. The talks include several guided reflections that can enrich your meditation practice and serve spiritual awakening.

"If we don't bring inquiry from the neck down, we cannot untangle the tangles. Our emotional life lives in our body, so inquiry needs to be embodied. One of the misconceptions of inquiry is that it's analytic - that it's conceptual... it's not. Inquiry is shining the light of awareness to what's actually happening - moment to moment in our bodies."

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