Awakening from Virtual Reality (retreat talk)

2009-05-02 - Awakening from Virtual Reality - This talk examines how we get stuck in identifying as a separate, deficient self, and the way that a deep attention frees us from trance.

"The invitation of the Path is that we can wake up out of our stories of limitation and blame. We can listen to and touch the longing in us that really wants to love without holding back and live from freedom. And we can then look at what's true within us so deeply that we discover the very awake, empty presence that is our essence. And we can live from that so that our lives become an expression of that realization. An expression of loving presence."

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Guided Meditation: Lovingkindness (metta) (from retreat)

2012-04-28 Guided Heart Meditation: Lovingkindness (metta) from retreat

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Listening to the Song

2014-01-22 - Listening to the Song - Listening with our full heart and attention is the gateway to understanding and love. This talk explores the challenges to deep listening, and offers ways of paying attention that awaken a healing listening presence.

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Guided Meditation: A Listening Presence

2014-01-22 - Guided Meditation - A Listening Presence

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Realizing Our Undefended and Awakened Heart (retreat talk)

2013-12-29 - Realizing Our Undefended and Awakened Heart (retreat talk) - It is our evolutionary and spiritual potential to release unnecessary habits of violating other tribes, individuals and unwanted parts of our own being. This talk explores three essential facets of the pathway to awakening: Leaving the fortress of aversive judgment, entering the wilderness of our embodied being and encircling this life with love.

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Walking Meditation Instructions (from retreat)

2013-12-28 - Walking Meditation Instruction (from the IMCW 2013 New Year's retreat)

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Path of True Refuge

2014-01-08 - Path of True Refuge - This talk explores the three archetypal gateways to liberation - awareness (Buddha), truth (Dharma) and love (Sangha). It includes guided reflections and a refuge ceremony that can help us discover the path “inside out” through daily life.

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Guided Meditation: Refuge in Living Presence

2014-01-08 - Guided Meditation: Refuge in Living Presence

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Part 2: The Sure Heart's Release

2011-02-16 - Part 2 - The Sure Heart's Release - Our longing is to realize and embody loving presence, yet we each have deeply conditioned habits that bind our hearts. This talk reflects on these habits, and explores how we can free ourselves by bringing a mindful, compassionate attention to places where we are most trapped in feeling separate, fearful and unworthy.

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Guided Meditation: The Center of Now - Includes Body Scan

2011-02-16 - Guided Meditation: The Center of Now - Includes Body Scan

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