Awakening through Conscious Relationship

Communicating our vulnerability and learning to listen - seeking to understand another’s experience - are the keys to discovering the truth of our connectedness. This talk explores the challenges and gifts of dedicating ourselves to becoming more real, present and open in our relationships.

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Meditation: Resting as Awareness

2014-06-18 Meditation: Resting as Awareness

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2014-06-11 - Freedom and Happiness in Daily Life - How you live today is how you live your life. This talk explores different meditative practices and teachings that help us reconnect with and nurture presence in the midst of the array of daily stressors.

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Guided Meditation: Stand Still (standing meditation instructions)

2014-06-11 - Guided Meditation: Stand Still (standing meditation instructions)

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Awakening from Virtual Reality

2014-06-04 - Awakening from Virtual Reality - This talk looks at the power our virtual reality of thoughts can hold over our lives. We then explore how bringing mindful awareness to thinking enables us to heal historical wounding and discover who we are beyond the self-story in our mind. We don’t have to believe our thoughts - they are "real but not true!"

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Meditation: Letting Life Live through You

2014-06-04 - Meditation: Letting Life Live through You

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2011-08-13 Meditation: Inner Space-Gateway to Open Awareness

2010-02-03 Meditation: Arriving in Presence

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