2014-05-28 - Humility - In Buddhism and most faiths, humility - feeling that we all share common ground, feeling neither superior or inferior to others - is both a prerequisite to awakening and an expression of mature spirituality. This talk explores how our conditioning and culture reinforce a swing from ego-inflation (self-importance, feeling special, better than others) to ego-deflation (feeling unworthy). We then look at how a wise and kind attention opens us to who we are beyond these confining egoic states, and enables us to live with humility and grace.

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Meditation: Dedicated to Maya Angelou: Being at Home

2015-05-28 - Guided Meditation: Dedicated to Maya Angelou: Being at Home

Heart Training on the Bodhisatva Path

2014-05-21 - Heart Training on the Bodhisatva Path - Bodhisattva means “Awakened Being.” This path of awakening has three key domains for practice: remembering intention; training our attention; and compassionate activity. This talk reviews these domains and includes guided reflections that can help bring spirituality alive in daily life.

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2014-05-14 - Question and Response - Tara explores a range of questions that include working with unworthiness, recognizing aspiration, stepping out of the story and understanding the selfless quality of experience.

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2014-05-14 - Guided Meditation: Vipassana Instructions

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Am I Dreaming? (retreat talk)

2014-05-07 - Am I Dreaming -  As we cultivate mindfulness we become increasingly aware of how we move through huge swaths of our life in trance. This talk reflects on three key domains of trance, and undoing the habitual reactivity that keeps us from the loving, open awareness that is our essence.

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Part 2: Conflict - From Fight Flight Freeze to Attend Befriend

2014-04-30 - Part 2 - Conflict - From Fight Flight Freeze to Attend Befriend - How do we reconcile conflict when caught in reactivity sourced in trauma or deep wounding?  This talk looks at the need for a larger field of belonging - a trusted other person or safe group - to engender the presence and compassion that enables us to relax and reconnect with our own wholeness and with others.

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2014-04-30 - Guided Meditation: Relaxing Back into Wakeful Openness