2014-07-23 - An Evening of Inquiry - In this class, Tara offered a guided meditation, some brief words on connecting with the felt sense of our experience, and opened the class to questions.

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Meditation: Coming Home to Your Breath

2014-07-23 - Meditation: Coming Home to Your Breath

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Nourishing a Liberating Intention

2014-07-09 - Nourishing a Liberating Intention - The Buddha taught that this entire world arises out of the tip of intention. Intentions can arise from an egoic wants and fears, and they can arise from the wisdom of our heart that is calling us home. This talk explores the qualities that signify a liberating intention and how, by bringing presence to our current intention, we uncover the purity and power of our hearts true aspiration.

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Guided Meditation: Awake, Relaxed and Open

2014-07-09 - Guided Meditation: Awake, Relaxed and Open

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Blessings of Soul Recognition

2014-07-02 Blessings of Soul Recognition - We live under an enchantment that has us see ourselves and each other as separate egoic entities. This talk draws on an Arthurian legend and explores the pathways of presence that enable us to see past the mask - our own, others - and recognize the spirit that shines through these temporary incarnations.

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Guided Meditation: Relaxing Back

2014-07-02 Guided Meditation: Relaxing Back

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